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Digestive Enzymes
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Chinese Herbs

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Allergy Support
Bone/Joint Support
Children's Supplements
Common Cold
Immune Support
Digestive Aid
Men's Health
Nutrition Aid
Sleep Aid
Women's Health
Candida/Yeast Infection
Urinary Infection
Weight Management
Vision/Eye Care Support
Migraine Headaches

General Categories

Body System

Circulatory (60)
Digestive/Cleansing (59)
Energy Booster (2)
Glandular (71)
Hepatic (4)
Immune (71)
Intestinal (56)
Nervous Sysytem (62)
Respiratory (32)
Skin and Hair Care (4)
Structural (34)
Urinary (23)
Vital Nutrition (16)
Family Health

Children's Health (2)
Daily Essentials (5)
Men's Health (2)
Personal Care (7)
Women's Health (6)
Healthy Living

Aromatherapy (4)
Cleaning Products (1)
Sugar-Free Living (1)
Weight Management (13)

Miscellaneous (4)
Essential Oils

Blends (13)
Citrus (6)
Cool (7)
Floral (8)
Herbal (6)
Oil Support (4)
Spice (2)
Wood (5)
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FAQ - Payment Methods
What Payment Methods BoostHerbs accepts?
You can pay for your BoostHerbs.com orders by using:
Credit Card or your Paypal account.
With direct credit card payment the payment will be charge directly to your credit card.

Your payment will be sent securely and quickly online.
With your paypal account the transaction will be applied dirrectly to Paypal, and it will be debited to BoostShop Inc.
Is my credit card number safe?
BoostHerbs uses the Secure Sockets Layer and Private Communication Technology security standards that are supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or later and other popular browsers. SSL encodes your personal information (such as your password, address and phone number, or your credit card number) so that it is available only to you and the BoostHerbs agent who will help make sure your online shopping goes smoothly. This encryption makes doing business over the Internet as secure as making a purchase by telephone.
Why doesn't BoostHerbs accept my credit card?
For your protection, BoostHerbs will check if the billing address for your order is the same as your shipping address. If those addresses are different BoostHerbs may do extra verification before processing your order. Please understand that is for your protection.
However if you have a good credit history with us the order will be processed normally. Also, address verification isn't available for certain types of debit cards. In this case, simply enter another valid credit card and billing address.

Thank you for your understanding!
Do I always have to use the same credit card?
No, you can use as many different credit cards as you wish.
Using internationally-based credit cards
BoostHerbs accepts major credit cards issued by banks worldwide. However, due to technical, regulatory and/or other limitations, there are some countries for which we currently do not support foreign credit cards or billing addresses.
What is "Express Checkout" and how does it help me?
Express checkout is an option available to shoppers who don't need to change shopping cart and/or address information. When you choose to use Express checkout, you supply some basic information that we keep on file. Then, any time you decide to purchase a product, we’ll use the information from your profile to speed up your purchase and save you time online. You can create an Express checkout profile for yourself, as well as each of your friends and family members.
Which business name will show on my credit card transaction?
When you process a transaction through BoostHerbs.com, it will show the business name as Boost Shop Inc.
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