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Wood (5)
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MLM Center
What is MLM Center?
MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is a business model that is based on a company distributing products and services through a network of independent contractors.

MLM is also called in literature as network marketing. The key factor that has made network marketing so attractive is that independent business owners not only have the ability to sell products and services to retail customers they are also able to expand their business by setting up others in their own businesses as well.
This is commonly known as “sponsoring” in the MLM industry. Sponsoring others allow a business owner to not only profit from what he directly sells, but also allows him to profit from the sales production of those he has sponsored.
Why chose Nature’s Sunshine business opportunity?
It's easy to see why Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc. has been a steady MLM Center for a very long time.

Nature's Sunshine products are made with the finest, purest, most effective natural ingredients which have been grown in certified organic farms or harvested from the wild(wild crafted).And the ingredients are tested hundreds of times in state of the art facilities to ensure their potency, purity and efficacy. NSP is established in over seventy countries, with over thirty-seven years of successful sales growth. Nature’s Sunshine is a global giant with an established network of successful distributors. At Nature's Sunshine, uncompromising quality is not an option - it is an obligation. We use only the finest raw materials, gathered from the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Orient, and we boast the largest force of trained Herb Specialists in the world. It's no wonder our herbs outshine the competition!

NSP has been sharing its unique herbal products for over a quarter of a century. In that time, so many lives have been changed for the better. Whether it's relief from certain physical ailments you seek, supplements to build the quality of your life or the freedom of financial independence, we feel certain there's a niche for you at Nature's Sunshine. So come in and experience our caring, sharing attitude. It's an opportunity for building health and wealth that could change your life!
How can I become a distributor?
Getting a Natures Sunshine membership is easy.
In Canada
There are two ways to join Nature’s Sunshine one year membership program:
Free One-Year Preferred Customer Membership with $75 Purchase worth of Nature's Sunshine products at special member pricing

• Sign up as a preferred customer if you wish to purchase products for personal use and get a 15% discount off the suggested retail price anytime you buy Nature’s Sunshine products. Free One-Year Business Associate Membership with $75 Purchase worth of Nature's Sunshine products at special member pricing
• Sign up as a Business Associate if you wish to start a home based business with Nature’s Sunshine. With your order, you will receive a 25% off the suggested retail and a FREE Starter Kit that explains more about the company, the products and business opportunity. The products will be delivered to your door in a few days complete with your business starter and welcome kit. As a Member, you will also receive publications highlighting important products and offering product discounts. You will also be able to attend educational and fun NSP-sponsored seminars and events.
Free One-Year Business Associate Membership with $40 Purchase worth of Nature's Sunshine products at special member pricing Once you complete your first order, we will send you a Membership packet in the mail so you can read more about Member benefits and our Compensation Plan.
The savings start immediately as you will receive the member discount and free shipping on your second order.
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